005 Yun Chu & Richard Giovane from USMLERx on dissecting questions

August 26, 2016

Senior editors for USMLERx’s Step 1 Qmax, Richard Giovane & YunXiang “Yun” Chu, share personal tips for boards study, dissect questions on action potentials and renal pathophysiology and tell us about the great study tools being developed by the First Aid team. Win a free subscription to a USMLERx product of your choice by leaving a review on iTunes or other podcasting service and send your screenshot to info@insidetheboards.com. Music "Rum" by "Say Anything" courtesy of Equal Vision Records. 

004 Pamela Wible from idealmedicalcare.com on Mental Health and Medical School

August 15, 2016

Pamela Wible, M.D., family physician and advocate for the mental health of medical students and doctors, shares her personal story of depression, diagnoses and then offers a treatment for the physician suicide epidemic. The question of the day concerns a medical student with overwhelming debt. One listener who leaves a review of the show and sends a screenshot to info@insidetheboards.com will win a signed copy of Pamela's book "Physician Suicide Letters: Answered." 

003 Adeel Yang from Picmonic

August 6, 2016

Adeel Yang, MD, co-founder of the Picmonic visual learning system, shares his personal test-taking journey, discusses how to approach board questions on high potency anti-psychotics (with bonus Picmonic audio example) and how Picmonic can help you increase your retention by 331% and score over 90th percentile on exams. Leave a review on iTunes or other podcast service and send a screenshot to info@insidetheboards for your chance to win a free month's subscription to Picmonic