012 Anita Taylor: Choosing a Medical Specialty (Doximity Match Smarter Series)

November 23, 2016

Part of our Match Smarter series in conjunction with Doximity's Residency Navigator tool, author, Anita Taylor, discusses her book: How to Choose a Medical Specialty. This episode is a little different than the usual podcast since we don't discuss any practice questions, but medical students and premeds will find some useful advice on thinking about what area of medicine they should pursue. Share the episode on Twitter and tag @StudentDoctor to win a copy (or leave a review of the podcast and send the screenshot to info@insidetheboards.com).

Plus complete your Doximity profile by following the link on insidetheboards.com/episode012 to win a $100 Amazon gift card. Music courtesy of Hopeless Records "Parachute" The Dangerous Summer


008 Yermie Cohen from Memorang on Gamifying Med School

November 16, 2016

Go inside the boards with Memorang founder, Yermie Cohen. Learn how to approach internal medicine questions, study more efficiently, & how to gamify your USMLE/COMLEX preparation. Go to https://www.insidetheboards.com/episode008 to get an exclusive 30% discount on a premium Memorang powerup. Music: "Rum," Say Anything courtesy Equal Vision Records


011 Match Smarter with Doximity’s Residency Navigator; Study Smarter with Open Osmosis

November 2, 2016

This episode introduces the "Match Smarter" Segment. We teamed up with Doximity  to connect you with program directors, residents, and applicants from top residency programs to help you navigate your specialty choice and the residency process as a whole. Doximity has the perfect tool to help you make an informed decision about where to apply to residency, plus it's free.

Check out the Residency Navigator at residency.doximity.com to get the most transparent and personalized advice on programs you're considering. Doximity is the leading professional network for clinicians. And for ITB listeners, register your profile by following the link: dox.im/insidetheboards, and you'll be entered to win a $100 Amazon gift card. 

Dr. Peter Taub is an extremely accomplished plastic surgeon at Mt. Sinai Medical Center who took time to offer some candid advice to medical students on what it takes to be a competitive applicant for a plastics spot.  I found a couple of practice questions which might qualify as "Plastic Surgery" for the boards. 

Plus, thanks to the team at Osmosis and their Open Osmosis question bank, we've got big plans for the Study Smarter Series, so keep listening for more question dissections, more free stuff, more learning, and less stress in med school.