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009 Dustyn Williams from OnlineMedEd on Learning Medicine (and Cats)

October 3, 2016

Dustyn Williams, MD, cat fancier & lead educator at, dissects some questions for your internal medicine learning pleasure & discusses how OnlineMedEd is revolutionizing medical education. Learn how to break down questions for your IM shelf or USMLE/COMLEX exam, find out why OnlineMedEd gives away their best content for free. Music "Flight of Apollo" off Love, Part 1 by Angels and Airwaves courtesy of Tom Delonge (used with permission). 

Two ways to win this episode's giveaway including a 3-month, premium OnlineMedEd subscription, T-shirt (featuring OnlineMedEd's Dr. Cat), and a copy of Dustyn's book, The OnlineMedEd Intern Guide. 

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