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010 Trevor Rosenlof from Firecracker on Streamlining Med School & Board Prep

October 19, 2016

In this episode,  I announce the "Match Smarter" segment brought to you by Doximity's Residency Navigator. Trevor Rosenlof, director of content for Firecracker, walks us through the differences between studying for the first and second levels of the USMLE/COMLEX, discusses some points about cardiac and esophageal clinic anatomy which could show up on a Step or shelf exam, and explains how Firecracker uses all kinds of research and tools to ensure that you study efficiently by working with your school's own curriculum, personalizing your study plan in accord with upcoming tests/board/shelf exams, and focusing your Firecracker content to identify and improve areas of weakness. In fine—besides a bunch of other things they're doing—they're trying to close the gap between preparation for the boards and classroon/wards preparation. Want Firecracker for free? This episode you can win a premium subscription to Firecracker for six months  Leave a review of the podcast and send your screenshot to to be entered to win. Also, you can enter by sharing this episode on social media and tagging @BoardsInsider on Twitter, or @InsideTheBoards on Facebook or Instagram

You can also go to and follow the link on the page to score a ~30% discount on a premium Firecracker subscription. 

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