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Weird Flexner, but Okay: Bits of Medical History with Dr. Adam Rodman from The Bedside Rounds Podcast | Part 1

June 19, 2019

In today's episode Chase Dimarco, host of ITB's Medical Mnemonist Podcast, is joined by Dr. Adam Rodman, host of the Bedside Rounds Podcast, to cover some of the history of medical thought, medical devices, and the development of ethical clinical trial guidelines. Medicine has changed considerably since the advent of "evidence-based medicine", but looking even further back we can acknowledge how paradigm shifts in medicine are inevitable. 

Where we are today in medicine depends on where we have been, and where we are going is defined by where we are. Join us as Adam covers the history of French medical schools, Malaria used as a treatment for syphilis, and other great tales from medical history.
For more information on the topics discussed, check out The Bedside Rounds Podcast! Physicians can even get CME credits!
For our question dissection today, ITB's founder and podcast co-host Patrick Beeman breaks down a question related to physical exam findings in a patient with a dyspnea and a lung mass on chest x-ray. Follow Patrick on Instagram @darthbeeman
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