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Anatomy – The ITB All-Audio Qbank (powered by Osmosis)

October 26, 2017

We've been working hard on our All-Audio Qbank. In this episode, hear a sample from ITB's Pre-Clinical (1st and 2nd Year) All Audio Clinical Qbank (powered by Osmosis). For a limited time, podcast listeners can get an even sweeter deal on launch-pricing of the audio qbank (25% off) by using the discount code "Podcast" at checkout. Just go to to learn more. Plus, leave a review of the ITB Podcast for your chance to win a free subscription to the All-Audio Qbank. 


Content courtesy of Osmosis. CC-BYSA 2.0. Questions have been optimized and edited for audio consumption.  Copyright Osmosis. Original version may be found at the appropriate topic heading at