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Building Resilience plus USMLE Question Breakdown: Pathophysiology of Pharmacologic Side Effects | ITB Audio Blog (powered by MedSchoolTutors)

November 12, 2018

InsideTheBoards Audio Blog (powered by MedSchoolTutors) 

Another feature in our Audio Blog series where we take posts from The MedSchoolTutors Blog (the very best blog for medical school) and record them for on-the-go learning. We're focusing on articles that cover question breakdowns, examination and study advice, and those related to mental wellbeing and wellness during medical school. 

Today's episode features three articles: 

Well-Being and Academic Skills in Medical School: Building Resilience Part 1 and Part 2
Question Excerpt: 

A 47 year old male with a past medical history of hypertension and obesity presents to his primary care physician for routine physical examination and yearly laboratory studies. His labs are remarkable for total cholesterol 190, LDL 75, and HDL 25...His physician starts him on a second medication at this time and his symptoms improve.


This second medication works by what mechanism of action?

A: Dermal activation of Langerhans cells leading to increased prostaglandin release
B: Inhibition of cytochrome P450
C: Decreased breakdown of nitrous oxide
D: Inhibition of COX-2
E: Increased breakdown of dopamine

Read the full vignette and post here.

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