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The Medicine of Chernobyl Part 2: Radiation Effects, Misconceptions and the Acute Radiation Syndrome

December 16, 2019

This is the second episode of the Medicine of Chernobyl, inspired by the HBO series of the same name. Continuing our discussion with Dr. Greg Thompson, a private practice radiation oncologist, we go over the consequences of exposure to ionizing radiation, radiation misconceptions, and acute radiation illness. 

01:10 - What do people misunderstand about radiation therapy? 

02:45 - If I receive radiation, am I then radioactive? Should I be around others? 

05:00 - The range of health effects that occur when exposed to radiation: an excerpt from the CDC's Radiation Basics (Made Simple) 

07:20 - What cancers in particular are sensitive to radiation? Are there features of malignancy that indicate they might be more or less sensitive to radiation therapy? 

12:42 - Biology and Physics of Radiation

13:40 - A firefighter presents with a burn to his hand after responding to a radiation emergency. 

17:00 - Acute Radiation Illness, side effects of radiation therapy, and what causes them.

22:20 - The components of acute radiation syndrome. 

24:45 - A 54 year-old male engineer complains of vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain after an exposure to radiation. 

26:30 - The prodromal phase of acute radiation illness and the determining effects of radiation exposure

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Sources, Credits, and More Resources

The Real Chernobyl (Sky News Documentary) 

Radiation Basics (Made Simple) from the CDC 

HBO's Chernobyl Series Companion Podcast

HBO's Chernobyl Series Trailer

Thanks to Ike Potter, producer of the ITB Main Podcast, and Christopher Breitigan, ITB's creative director, the executive producer of our Chernobyl series and the genius behind @ITBsides on Twitter.

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