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The Physiology of Medical Education and USMLE Prep (Part 1) with Rhett and Michael from Physeo

August 22, 2019

Today's episode features returning guests and friends of ITB, Rhett and Michael, the founders of the Physeo platform interviewed by host of ITB's Physiology by Physeo Podcast, Dr. Greg Rodden. They discuss how Physeo got started, balancing creative endeavors and med school, pursuing your dreams, and how Physeo can help you learn what you need to succeed in med school and on the boards. 

0:30 - Patrick provides some advice for making you shine on the wards 

4:40 - Our sponsor this week is Muse, a tech enhanced headphone device that uses EEG to help you meditate, center yourself, and de-stress. Check them out (and help ITB) by going to

6:00 - Example from the USMLE Step 1 Version of ITB's All Audio Question Bank beta (powered by Exam Circle

7:35 - Interview with Greg and the Physeo guys 

33:13 - An update on the state of InsideTheBoards 

35:50 - Easter Egg...The Medicine of HBO's Chernobyl


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Music: Enter Shikari "Radiate" from the album "Rat Race" (used with permission). Check out the music video here and their new single, Stop the Clocks on Spotify

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